Deep Listening Sessions

Nichole McVeigh

Nichole McVeigh


If you are looking for…

A seasoned Someone to simply listen, hold safe space, mirror, ask questions, and inspire you to think a little differently (my forte), I am here for you! I have been in this role for over 15 years, and I would love to help you.

Sometimes we need someone to simply listen. We don’t necessarily need a therapist, and we’re not looking for a friend; just someone who is not in our day-to-day lives to really listen to us. I can do this. Women tend to come to me to hold space for many topics, though especially in times of:

  • Transition

  • Healing from childhood, emotional, and religious abuse/trauma

  • Communicating in relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Gathering thoughts/Making plans/Next steps

If I can help you in this way, I am so happy to hold the space for you through either audio call, video chat, or in person. Oh, I also end the session with a Goodness Boost of Reiki! Please contact me, and we can see together if we are a good fit (I will also send you an invoice through PayPal).

Deep Listening Sessions

One Hour Session: $120

Three One-Hour Sessions: $330

I also offer Pay It Forward Sessions as well as 2 individual Pay What You Can Sessions per month!

Sometimes when we have someone who is willing to listen, we are given the opportunity for our deepest truths to be reflected back to us. Nichole held the space as I wandered here and there in my thoughts, the tangle of what makes up this moment of my life, and helped me to see that though it may be hard to face, I have more figured out than I am willing to admit. Her reiki following our conversation added a layer of truth and reaffirmation, and I am deeply grateful for the time we spent in conversation.
— X.O.
Nichole offers deep listening under the words, for the essence. Her questions moved me deeper to finding my own answers. Her validation helped me remember what my original intention was. Game changing time together!
— V.S, North Carolina
In the midst of the hustle in life. I love to focus on the dreams still in this busy mama’s heart. She has been my soundboard for over 7 years. She helps me organize the messy ideas I have tucked away. She’s not only is one of my best friends. She’s full of questions, she listens & encourages all in one.
— D.G, Pennsylvania