Long Tables

During Long Table workshops we will explore cooking new-to-us cuisines, sit down to a family style meal, and learn from each other - a group of ever diverse, eclectic women. And, at times, there will even be chocolate and wine.

Long Table Workshops are a way for women to connect with other women from around the world (documented and undocumented), to tell their stories and teach their techniques, while providing the inspiration and experience necessary to make the kitchen a more safely creative space.

Pricing varies with each workshop, depending mainly on ingredients.


Long Table Food Workshop

Cook with women, eat with them, and learn from them.

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Long Table + Salon

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Giving to Long Tables

Long Table Workshops are a way to support and connect with other women, yes, and also a way to start the connection around the family table...and your gifts make sliding scale pricing (along with no-cost workshops for youth) an option for others!