Nichole McVeigh - photo by  Lucent Vignette Photography

Nichole McVeigh - photo by Lucent Vignette Photography


Welcome to my table...please sit where you feel most comfortable. I am so glad you made it here. I am Nichole McVeigh, and I love to spend time in the kitchen. If you don't already, my hope is that I can show you a way to love it, too.

I spent many years struggling to connect with what I considered my feminine side, and finding my love for & in the kitchen - my sensuality - really made the feminine less threatening. My favorite room in our home IS the kitchen, and most days, you can find me concocting there...

I am also very passionate about legacy and connecting people over food. I've heard things like, "you can't hate someone you've had a meal with" and "food is the language of love," and really do resonate with those thoughts. So, through Long Table Workshops, I aim to connect multicultural people over food. I'd love for you to be part of that mission.

To make learning and connection over food easily accessible, I offer sliding scale pricing for Long Table Food Workshops. If you'd like to learn how you can help me with this goal, please check out Giving To Long Tables.

I hope you'll stay a while...take in the site, check out the blog, Nichole.

Ever interested in social justice and where food comes from, I'm sharing a quote I appreciate with you: "It is not enough to know the past of the people you interpret. You must know your own past." - excerpt from THE COOKING GENE by Michael Twitty